About us

On 25th August 2014, XConnect GmbH arose out of the change of name of the former sms eSolutions GmbH. sms eSolutions GmbH has been founded by Elmar Körner in April 2000 in Düren, near Cologne. Since May 2014 the company is member of the British group XConnect Global Networks Ltd.

XConnect GmbH is specialist in the area of phone number porting, phone number allocation and porting data. With its product ICCS Professional (Inter Carrier Communication System) the company offers one of the latest software solutions for telephone providers regarding phone number administration and porting in this area. The portfolio of XConnect GmbH is completed by the ICCS Hosting Service as managed software solution, extensive services like the hosted SARV/SBV for requests for information of the National Security Authority according to §112 TA as well as WBCI for the change of provider.

In an asset deal, XConnect GmbH took over Flexagon GmbH from Munich in January 2015. The takeover included the purchase of all the  business assets incl. all licenses as well as the infrastructure. The employees - and thus the important know-how - have been taken over as well and form our new office in Munich. The products of Flexagon like the F-TBOX, F-MED and F-ACS have been transferred to the product portfolio of XConnect.